Some Thoughts About Writing Better React Code

I’ve spent a fair amount of time this week at work conducting what fellow Recurser Maryanne Wachter calls “code archeology” inorder to change out an old API for a new one I’ve written. (If you don’t know this context already, I’ve been working as a Full Stack developer now for two months after never-graduating.). Because … Read more

Week 5: Creating an Interactive Project Measurement Dashboard

The main project I’m working on at The Recurse Center is an interactive project measurement dashboard. This week I’ll talk about the current state of the design and construction. I’m actively working on rearranging the user interface so a second post some other week will be needed to cover that. Motivation My wife, Justine, uses … Read more

Week 4: Mechies should be pair programming

One benefit to immersing myself in a new space, software development, is being exposed to new tools and practices I’d like to apply to Mechanical Engineering. The biggest is Pair Programming which is pretty central to The Recurse Center. If you’re not familiar, the basic idea is two people look at one screen together (either … Read more

Week 3: ProgrammerD Rises

This week I figured I’d write about what I’ve been working on since I haven’t really talked about it so far. I’ve been learning web application development with a balanced amount of front end (what you see in your browser) and backend (the database and API that manages data). If you’re into specific framework names, … Read more

Week 2: Building Big

I’ve been thinking a lot during week 2 about similarities between building big electromechanical devices and big software projects. The former is something I’ve done for over 10 years and I feel pretty good about. I’m getting “dramatically better” with the latter and here are some things I’m noticing: Test early and often: It’s so … Read more

RC Week 1

When I talked to a “never graduate” of The Recurse Center, they highly recommended writing a weekly reflection. So I’m here to do that. But they also recommended not worrying too much about style and form, so I’m also here to do that. I’m one week into the 12 week experience which is like 10%. … Read more