• Some Thoughts About Writing Better React Code
    I’ve spent a fair amount of time this week at work conducting what fellow Recurser Maryanne Wachter calls “code archeology” inorder to change out an old API for a new one I’ve written. (If you don’t know this context already, I’ve been working as a Full Stack developer now for two months after never-graduating.). Because … Read more
  • Engineering Pathways to Access
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  • Week 7+8 – Is what I think about software companies real?
    I feel like I have a picture in my head about what tech companies are like but given most of my information is second-hand or from pop culture, it’s likely not that accurate. Since people seem to like it when I compare my experience working for legacy Bell Labs telecom defense contractors to the tech … Read more
  • Week 6: Project Measurement Dashboard User Interface Tour
    Last week I discussed the database that powers my project measurement dashboard but since I was still working on the frontend style, I didn’t actually show what it looks like. This week I’m ready to give a tour! A Guided Tour Let’s pretend we’re the owners of The Cat Ranch and we want to forecast … Read more