Bowhead Reach

This is a collection of information I’ve gathered about the Bowhead Reach Adaptive Mountain bike. This is all based on tearing down the bike I purchased in 2021 so other years of the bike may be different.


The motor is a 2-4kW motor with a max speed of 900rpm and rated torque of 70Nm from Cyclone Co., Ltd.

Motor Specs
Motor Product page


The controller also is supplied by Cyclone Co., Ltd. The product page is here. Not much information is given about the controller and it seems to be a very uncommon make. Most controllers of this ampacity tend to be much larger but this seems to be some compact model. The controller seems to be a variant of the same controller used on certain high power scooters like the Wolf GT. I’m not able to find it listed for sale anywhere else. I was able to chat with the manufacturer on WhatsApp at 886 953 962 298 and they were very helpful in troubleshooting controller issues.

Controller Purchase Options

The motor controller is unmarked with any model or serial number info. It does have connections for typical E-Bike functions like pedal assist sensor, reverse, and braking (for e-braking).



The throttle is a very standard 0-5V E-bike twist throttle available from many different vendors on amazon and ebay.

The red, black and green wires control the bike speed.

  • Red wire has 4.8V on it from the controller
  • Black wire is ground
  • Green is between 0-4.8V depending on how the throttle is twisted.

The manufacturer told me the controller is smart enough to ignore sudden jumps in throttle voltage (for safety). So if the green wire suddenly goes to 5V the bike will not just jump to full speed.

The yellow wire has the 84V nominal battery voltage on it and the key switch connects the blue and yellow wire together to turn the bike on. If you ever work on the throttle wiring, take care that the yellow wire will hold voltage a good deal after the battery is disconnected, probably because the motor controller has a large amount of capacitance.


The battery is nothing special inside the pelican case. It is a 20s4p 72V nominal battery – 20 banks of 4 cells each in parallel. I haven’t ever looked up the maker of the cells but there is a photo of the text on the cells below. The BMS is a Chinese BMS possibly from JBD. I have my BMS swapped to an “Ant IC GOGOGO” BMS so I can read the battery discharge information. It does look like the original BMS does have a bluetooth module so if you knew the right app, you’d be able to connect to the BMS with your phone.