Auto-Kaizen is a Python tool for automatically creating kaizen foam tool layouts using a mySQL driven tool database. Kaizen foam layouts are inserts for tool drawers where each tool has a designated cutout to keep inventory organized. I made this for practice working with SQL databases. The project github is here. The tool data is initially stored in excel spreadsheets but then transferred to the database. Database queries are then used to pull the correct data to create a DXF file of the tool layout for each drawer.

  • tools.xlsx is a spreadsheet of tools
  • manufacturers.xslx is a mapping of manufacturer numbers to manufacturer names
  • drawers.xlsx stores the drawer numbers and dimensions
  • drawer_to_tools.xlsx stores what tools are in what drawer
  • profiles.xlsx is a sheet of profile numbers mapped to file locations of a DXF graphic outline of that tool. is the main script. It calls which creates the database pytools and tables that match the excel files (a mySQL database must be available to the script). then queries the database for a list of drawers and then for each drawer executes a SQL query that returns a list of tool profile DXF files that should be added to the particular drawer layout. The then arranges the profiles into a single DXF file to be used as the foam insert artwork for that drawer.

I used this tutorial for setting up the mySQL database and my-sql-connector. This script also uses ezdxf