Reactdoku is an interactive Sudoku game I built in React. A live deployment is available here. The game board is not your traditional 3×3 sudoku board–instead the boards are rectangular Latin Squares (like 2×3 and 3×2). The board suggests valid moves to the player as numbers are placed. The gameboard is a responsive CSS flex grid. While only one latin square size is generated by the demo site backend, a generic JSON file format can be used to create a game page of any dimensions, highlight rectangle pattern, initialization state, and answer state.

The live demo site supports Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment via a git hook script on the remote server that automatically builds and deploys the project when I push an update from a development machine.

The game boards are generated and loaded from a simple flask backend. The python code to generate game boards was created by James Monroe Hammer, a batchmate at The Recurse Center.

Desktop Layout
Mobile Layout