Fulcrum Focus

Fulcrum Focus is a numeric project forecasting tool. It replaces spreadsheets of interconnected formulas by automatically calculating forecasted data and generating visualizations based off of measurements defined for a project. A web GUI built in React allows a user to quickly build a project model and view charts and graphs of the resulting data. A SQL relational database accessed using Django is used to store configuration and forecast data. The github page is here.

Here is a quick tour of Fulcrum Focus showing logging in, accessing protected routes, viewing measures associated with a project, and then some of the visualization options available. You can also read a written walkthrough of some of the features in this blog post.

I also wrote a long blog post here about the backend architecture for Fulcrum and some of the tricky things I encountered with creating measurements that depended on other measurements.

Finally here is a silly demonstration of Fulcrum Focus for Friday Demos at Recurse Center.